Alan S.Alan S., Canada

“I am a short-term trader and find MarketClub to be the best website for traders. The fast stochastics indicator… More

…has proven to be an invaluable tool when trading stocks. Everything about the website is so professional. Congratulations on an excellent website.”

Alex R.Alex R., British Columbia

“I have been a member of MarketClub for the last 2–3 years and will continue to be as long as Adam and the guys keep it running. More

I am a short-term momentum trader and use several tools in my toolbox, but since I have joined MarketClub, my favorite tool is MarketClub’s Smart Scan and Charts. I also love receiving daily e-mails and alerts (I set these up myself). I have not put in a trade without running the scans and reading my daily mail from Adam. His insight on the market, economy and business is very valuable. The training videos and whiteboard lessons are very informative and helpful. The charts are incredibly easy to use and contain all the info I need to know for my daily trade plan as well as longer term trading plans. The monthly triangles are very, very accurate. The daily triangles are pretty good as well and I use them a lot for the entry points. What more can I say? I am lucky to have found MarketClub. My life would never be the same without it. Thanks Adam and the team for sharing with us such great product.”

Ali S.Ali S., St-Laurent, Quebec

“This is amazing!!! I love your videos. Tell you the truth, I’ve tried so many services and they all failed. More

Now I use your Trade Triangles religiously. The last trade I did was long the YG.J09.E. I made money, but I existed the position too soon! I got scared and closed the position early. Adam, like you said, we must have discipline and follow the rules!”

Anil W.Anil W., Manhasset, New York

“I signed up for the risk-free 30 day trial. In just 2 days I was sold and I upgraded to the yearly subscription. More

I just wish I came across this website years ago.”

Ann I.Ann I., Canada

“MarketClub is easy to use. The Trade Triangle technology gives good buy and sell signals. It helps me… More

…manage my portfolio much better. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to profit from this volatile market.”

Anthony A.Anthony A., San Jose, California

“Our closed trading profit for May 1st through May 15th was $18,455.00 on commodities only.”

Anthony A.Anthony A., San Jose, California

“I took a MarketClub signal for cotton in early April and now I am up close to $9,000. Not bad for four weeks of work. More

Did I say work? We only spend 2 hours a day looking at charts.”

Barry M.Barry M., Dallas, TX

“I primarily trade the forex. There are 2 things which I like about MarketClub. First, the Trade Triangles themselves… More

…are quite easy to apply and can be very profitable. The triangles will get you in on a move and get you out safely before your trade eats up all your profits. Some trades are breakeven, or small losses, but this is true in ANY trading environment or system.

The next thing I like a lot is the customer service. Whenever I have a question about something, the staff is always attentive and most helpful in getting my questions answered or problem solved.”

Barry M.Barry M., Indiana

“I have really enjoyed the latest version of MarketClub. Being able to see the monthly, weekly, and daily trends… More

…on one screen is a definite improvement. It is apparent, you took the time to make this a better trading tool. I also love the three studies available with the charts. This makes my trading decisions much easier, so much so, I dropped another timing service and use MarketClub exclusively.”

Bill Z.Bill Z., Virginia

“The Trade Triangles have taught me a life long lesson as to how to perceive the rhythm of the market place. More

I envision a ‘choo-choo train’ on a 6 month long journey. As the ‘train’ comes down the hill for about 3 months and starts to level out, it is a candidate for a long upward swing. Then as the front of the ‘train’ starts to get higher than its past journey it has a good chance that it is going to go higher and form a long ‘U-Shaped’ path that is qualified as a ‘Buy.’ The opposite scenario of climbing a high hill for 3 months, and getting leveled out on top, would qualify as a ‘Sell’ candidate. Then as the front of the ‘train’ starts to get lower than its past journey there is a good chance that it is going lower and will form a long ‘upside down U-Shaped’ path that is qualified as a ‘Sell.’ I have spent thousands of dollars on dozens of ‘can not miss expert advice’ programs. I would follow their advice and lose money just about all the time. What was really irritating is that while I was losing money doing exactly what they recommended, all of these same bunch of guys were constantly sending out dozens of emails advertising about how they were making thousands of dollars for all their members. They only mentioned the good guesses they made, and never the stupid mistakes they had made. Adam Hewison is like having a big brother that really cares about helping you do well in the market place. If he makes mistakes, Adam is the first to tell you about it. Adam has dedicated his life to helping little people like me to learn the in and outs of the market place. It is really great to have a knowledgeable professional expert on your side that you can completely trust, and believe in. Adam's help has kept me from going bankrupt just in time. I can never thank Adam enough, or too much for really getting me on the right path before I went over the cliff of ignorance.”

Bob S.Bob S., Boise, Idaho

“I have invested in mutual funds and stocks for over 35 years. Over the past several years I’ve noticed that markets… More

…move more quickly and it’s easier to lose profits or incur losses if you don’t have a methodology to catch turns. MarketClub’s Trade Triangles can help you catch those turns in a very timely way. Learning to use the Trade Triangles so that monthly, weekly and daily triangles are moving in the same direction can help you invest with the trend and improve your chances of success.

Also, Adam’s instructional videos help me learn more about investing and trading. Being a successful investor in both bear and bull markets is a tough job. You need every tool you can find to make the right investing and trading decisions and MarketClub provides those tools in a very superior fashion!”

Brad C.Brad C., Elder, South Dakota

“I looked around for a long time and found that MarketClub was always trying to help me learn the correct way to invest… More

…in any market. Thanks MarketClub.”

Bruce M.Bruce M., Kirkwood, Missouri

“I’ve been with MarketClub for over a year now and I have used their service almost daily. If you’re interested in trading… More

…the markets, whether it be stocks, commodities, futures or forex, this is the place to be! Want to search for stocks? Their platform has a remarkable screener that will help you zoom in on what you’re looking for and the unique Trade Triangle technology provides signals and alerts for entering and exiting positions. Not sure how to get started, well MarketClub has the answer for that too! They have an educational section that is fantastic, with video tutorials from Adam Hewison. If you already have a portfolio and just want to keep track of it, you can set it all up in MarketClub, review every position at a glance and even get alerts to your e-mail on positions you may want to trade!

I believe MarketClub has given me a better understanding of the markets and provides a wonderful service that enables me to make more money!

So if your looking to make money in the markets and who isn’t, than MarketClub is the place to be. Try it, I’m sure you will love it!”

Bryan J.Bryan J., Irvine, California

“I want to say thank you to Adam Hewison and MarketClub for being instrumental in turning my trading from… More

…consistently losing money in futures to consistently making money. The Trade Triangles have simplified my approach (and my life) to the markets, while allowing me to have vastly better results. Being able to observe the Trade Triangles and their many winners in real time for the past couple years have given me the confidence in approaching the markets (which is priceless), and the conviction to execute trades.

Also, I am no longer suffering from analysis-paralysis in trading which caused a lot of bad habits and negative results.

Also, I am so grateful for your very short and concise videos that are simple, to the point, yet very insightful. I’m always looking forward to the next one.

Thank you Adam for your spirit of giving and your integrity and for making this information available to traders/investors.”

Carlos F.Carlos F., Columbia

“I have a day job and have been trading forex for a couple of years. After trying different trading systems with poor results… More

…and lots of sweat, I found that Trade Triangle technology with a bit of technicals improves my trading results exponentially. Now I just follow my pairs, do my every evening routine: Look for new daily Trade Triangles on the direction of Weekly’s when oscillators are OB/OS and Boom!. Not more than 15 min a day and no whole day screen watching. Now I’ve found this technology to perfectly fit my life and trading style instead of ruining it. As simple as that!”

Chris, M.Chris M., Pompano Beach, Florida

“I have been with MarketClub for about two years. It has saved me from many bad trades as well as being very helpful for good ones. More

I am a believer that the trend is your friend. Today, the new charting is very improved from when I started, as well as easier to use.”

Claud B.Claud B., Somerset, New Jersey

“I am enthralled with the latest version of MarketClub. With the addition of several indicators and the simplicity… More

…of using the Trade Triangles, it is so easy to scan through a portfolio I monitor to get up to speed each day. I also appreciate Adam’s periodic video updates which offer a great learning experience. Thanks for an ever improving product.”

Dan D.Dan D., San Diego, California

“I think MarketClub’s services are outstanding. I trade equities, options, Forex and futures. Your trade triangle technology… More

…really helps identify the trends. When I see the monthly and weekly triangles in alignment and a high score (or low score if I want to short), I know the move should have legs and it normally does. I am really taking advantage of the Alerts. I have the strike price set for all my options and when I get the email saying the alert was triggered, I know it’s time to manage the position. After viewing one of your recent videos, I’ve now set the Alerts to scan the monthly/weekly triangles on the equities I’m stalking (all I need now is for it to send a text message to my phone…hint, hint). I’ve really enjoyed Adam’s ‘Traders Whiteboard’ series. He obviously know what he’s talking about. His trading tips—how to use trend lines, Fibonacci, Head and Shoulders patterns, etc. have really helped to make me a better trader. The daily email showing the Trend Analysis on my entire portfolio (12 Forex pairs, 50+ stocks & ETF’s, 8 futures) is invaluable. MarketClub rocks.”

Daniel D.Daniel D., Columbus, Ohio

“The MarketClub is a great tool for anyone interested in trading, but who doesn’t have a lot of time to keep up on things. More

MarketClub does this for you and can help pinpoint good entry and exit points. I like having weekly high and low alerts sent to me via e-mail. I also learn from the blogs that are part of the website.”

Darran G.Darran G., Australia

“I am amazed at the confidence that your service has provided for me and the Trade Triangles have given me. More

It has solved my biggest question, ‘Which way is this market going?’ I’m brave enough to endorse this service as true and correct along with a personal trading plan.”

DarrinDarrin, Minnesota

“My first trade using MarketClub was to buy options on General Dynamics. Basically, I used MarketClub’s trading service… More

…to confirm the buy signal on the monthly (that was an uptrend), and then the daily and weekly (also in uptrend). All done and with commissions ending in 159%. Just recently with Rochester Medical, I used the trading service to guide me in around the $18 and change area and today that stock has just hit $20. So MarketClub has given me a lot of confidence in what I’m trading in. It tells me the buy point and the exit point, and that’s a pretty important thing we all need to know. It’s given me the confidence to go forward and look at other options. Customer service with MarketClub is excellent. If I’ve ever had questions, whether they were stock questions or not, there were always answers. Some of the questions were dealing with options when I first started learning the charting service. So with that, MarketClub has helped me out a great deal. I’ll be a long term customer with them. My name is Darrin and happy trading.”

Darryl E.Darryl E., New York

“I have been watching MarketClub for about a year as a non member. In that time I have gained so much knowledge… More

…as a beginning trader by using their Trader’s blog. Without being a member, their site help me with my first 100% profit on a trade in about 45 days. I have within the last week become a member. Now that I am a member and can use the full resources of MarketClub. It is unbelievable the amount of information they provide. You can use their site for mini seminars on just about every kind of investing or trading topic, charting techniques, Smart Scan and the best of all TRADE TRIANGLES. I would recommend that anyone investing or trading use MarketClub. MarketClub is a 5 Star service!”

David C.David C., Signal Mountain, Tennessee

“I’m new to MarketClub. I sold DAL at a -100 signal to preserve a nice profit. I am mostly using the site thus far to learn… More

…about fibonacci lines, MACD, trading techniques, etc. So far I like what I see at MarketClub.”

David W.David W., Owens Sound, Ontario

“One of the things that I have found is that MarketClub has taken the ‘thrill’ out of investing. In the past, More

…I would roll the dice, make a stock selection and either agonize when it would go down or become exhilarated when it would go up. Using a combination of the trade triangles and by taking advantage of the alerts, I buy when it is time to buy and sell when it is time to sell. I’m pretty ‘bored’ now. I have replaced the roller coaster ride for a funicular railway which only seems to go up…”

Dean J.Dean J., Canada

“As a member of MarketClub, I most appreciate your commitment to traders by continually upgrading the site. More

The MarketClub tools provided, enable me to make the best possible decision at the time. I love the new charting tools. My decision making process has been simplified by use of the Alerts and Smartscan. The library of information is so extensive that I don’t need to go to any other sources. I receive full value for the membership fee I pay. I would recommend (and have) MarketClub to anyone interested in taking control over their over financial destiny.”

Don W.Don W., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“I have been trading for a few years, I am in my sixties and I have to be very careful where I put the little money I have… More

…to put in the market, but I would rather do that than do the bank thing.

I love your videos. I have learned a lot and found out your not too old to learn something new every day. If you stop learning, well you know what they say.”

Doug M.Doug M., Goodyear, Arizona

“I have used MarketClub for over two years. I love the simplicity of the system and all the support. More

The interactive videos which Adam does caught my eye, and since then they have only improved their charting and video implementations.

Keep up the good work. I really like the new Flash Charts. Adam will show you how to catch moves. You do not need to be a seasoned pro to understand how MarketClub can get you into and out of a trade.”

Dr. BillDr. Bill, Calgary

“My name is Bill and I’ve been a MarketClub member since February 9, 2007. Before, I had been trading for some time… More

…and tried many different approaches to the market. Then the swing trading part of my trading personality was not happy with just conservative investments. Watching the stocks make substantial gains and then the reversal of gains in a similar time period was very frustrating. MarketClub has allowed me to make significant gains and reduce losses. In my first month of MarketClub, I actually made $7,000 and after 3 months my portfolio was up 20%. I have a good feel for the way they are upgrading the system and improving the experience. I would certainly have no problem recommending MarketClub.”

Edward K.Edward K., Clearwater Beach, Florida

“Since using the tools that MarketClub offers, I am now able to trade stocks profitably and with confidence. More

The subscription cost pays for itself in no time. It’s the best investment I ever made!”

Edward L.Edward L., Beaverton, Oregon

“The main reason I joined MarketClub was for the Trade Triangles, but now that I have been a member for close to a year, More

…I have found that the type and style of your charts along with the tools from trend lines to Fibonacci have been so helpful in my trading. Having traded the markets for 28 years, there is now seldom a day goes by that I do not access my customized portfolio on MarketClub.”

Fabrizio P.Fabrizio P., Toscana, Italy

“As you know I have been a member of MarketClub for some months. I want only to tell you that I am very glad… More

…of this nice service and that I employ it particularly for futures and commodities. I find it, especially with the improvements of these last months, very helpful and can really realize the dream of a trader for a full time job. My best wishes for your work and the future.”

Frank R.Frank R., United Kingdom

“I’ve been using MarketClub for several months now and would not be without it. Your service is excellent… More

…and I always view your analysis before taking or leaving a position. I also appreciate your videos and have found them very instructive. Your recent perspective on gold I found a very useful technical confirmation of my own fundamental view.

I heartily recommend your service to both professional and home investors.”

Fred P.Fred P., Garland, Texas

“Your Trading Triangles and Chart Analysis make your stock trading service the absolute best I have ever used, More

…and I have used so many of them I couldn’t count them. The only reason I believe someone would try’s MarketClub and then choose not to subscribe would be because they don’t understand the market or trading yet, or they haven’t seen enough ‘OTHER’ programs. MarketClub just has the BEST system out there. It is based on the premise that back-testing mostly results is OLD NEWS. It’s the most accurate system there is, and none is more reasonably priced.”

Gene S.Gene S., Florida

“Congratulations on your fantastic MarketClub applet, which is a great improvement over the good one you already had. More

It contains a wealth of information, is simple to use and is much faster. As an active trader, I make 10 to 20 trades per day in stocks, futures and forex, MarketClub has become my number one source for analysis and forecasting. Over the past year of using MarketClub’s +100 Trade Triangles as the basis for my trading, my portfolio is up 100% with an over 80% win ratio. I am very pleased to be a subscriber. The major difference is that I’m staying in the trade much longer than before. I was always quick to take my profits in fear of losing them. Now, I have verified the validity of your buy and sell signals and have the confidence to stay with the trend. What used to be a labor intensive, time consuming process now takes 30 seconds. Since you leave all buy/sell signals on the charts, I can analyze your past recommendations for the position to determine the likelihood of staying with the position. You may consider me a loyal and constant user of your MarketClub program. I love it for the expanded capabilities I have as a trader. My portfolio loves it for the big boost it has received and my wife loves it for the extra time I have available. Keep up the good work.”

Gerd K.Gerd K.

“MarketClub is the perfect place for education and research. The tools are second to none and at a great price. More

The tools like the Trade Triangles, Smart Scan, Alert service and update videos on the state of the different markets by Adam Hewison are priceless. So is the abundance of information and videos at ones disposal to learn from. Thanks MarketClub and INO TV. I wouldn’t be without MarketClub and thank you for the awesome service.”

Ghandy K.Ghandy K., Hanover Park, Illinois

“Adam you are a great person and you have very good system. My trades were much improved with your system. More

Also, I want to thank you for the educational trading videos. I wish you all the best in business and in life.”

Glenn M.Glenn M., Henderson, Nevada

“WOW! I have been trading for 13 years now, and this is the first time that I have come across exactly what I need and want! More

Your triangle, scans, charts and pertinent info is FANTASTIC! Using your services, I am making more money consistently, (especially in the FX).

Thank you! Thank You! Keep it Up!”

Hal B.Hal B., Beacon Fall, Connecticut

“I’ve been a user of MarketClub over the past year and have enjoyed the service a great deal…using the Trade Triangle methodology, More

…I have been able to successfully navigate my way thru severe bear markets while also enjoying profitable trades during bull runs as well. I like to trade both oil and other commodities and by using the Trade Triangles I find I can put on profitable trades letting my winners run while removing loosing positions before they become toxic. Another really nice feature of MarketClub for me are the short audio reviews of key markets, with suggestions on possible price movement around key support and resistant zones.

The Trade Triangles provide the discipline to allow me to show consistent profits while reducing my risks…and finally, some of the recent additions to the charts used with the service gives me a more flexibility in how I combine price action and technical analysis. By adding the Talking Chart review you can listen in on a short review of any chart of any security you wish to trade; pretty cool! At the end of the day however, it helps me make money and that is my # 1 driver!”

Harold T.Harold T., Brooklyn, New York

“MarketClub’s charts give a clear picture of the momentum of a stock, which is a key factor to decide whether to buy… More

…or sell the stock. I focus on stocks which are given a value of +100 and check out these stocks with the VectorVest product. If both MarketClub and Vector Vest agree that this stock is a buy, I buy that stock. If the stock on MarketClub falls below +85, I sell the stock. When I put my cash into the market through my broker, I am confident that my actions have a strong potential for a successful trade.”

Ian G.Ian G., Alberta, Canada

“With the Trade Triangles, I simply use the weekly and monthly alerts to adjust my positions. My mistakes in the past… More

…were generally of two types…not riding the trend long enough or failing to exit when the trend changed. The rest of it is market noise.

The triangles provide clear and concise signals. I used the INO service for the trial period, and was about to cancel, when I realized that it had paid for itself several times over.

How I use the service: I loaded 10 currency pairs, 30 mutual funds, and about 100 large cap stocks, into the portfolio, and follow the weekly and monthly signals. If a stock gets a red weekly or a ‘sidelines score,’ it gets sold and replaced with a green weekly. You can explain this system with a crayon, it captures the bulk of the move, and allows me to pay more attention to my gardening and golf.”

Ivan Z.Ivan Z., Jersey City, New Jersey

“I wanted to tell you how great your service is. After spending thousands of dollars on worthless newsletters… More

…and advisory services and losing thousands more in the markets, I finally began to make money this year. Thanks to you, I now follow the forex and futures markets. I recommend you to everyone I meet who wants to make a few bucks in this economy and wants to learn.

Thanks again. Keep it up.”

James O.James O., Muskego, Wisconsin

“I have subscribed to several advisory services, with mixed success over the last 2-3 years. I have been so impressed… More

…with the Trade Triangles that I now only make a trade if the Trade Triangles agree with the advisory service recommendation. My success rate has greatly improved.”

Jamie H.Jamie H., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“When analyzing my trading, I find that my chief problem is over trading fueled by uncertainty. More

The more I use your chart service the more certain I am in my strategy. It is significantly increased my profitability and reduced my trade related anxiety. It helps me plan better my trades.”

JanJan, Netherlands

“I do appreciate MarketClub. The greatest benefit to me was that it helped me to structure and formulate my own trading plan… More

…with clear and concise rules (the KISS principal) to become a consistent profitable trader. In 2008 my draw down was only 3%. In 2009 up till now it’s about 1%.

The website is easy to use and helps you understand the principles of a trend following system. I appreciate the latest improvement with the Weekly and Daily triangles in one chart.

The Trade Triangle scanner helps me to find new set-ups easily, reducing the total amount of work time.

I also use MarketClub as a back up for data. For example, when I was on holiday my data provider’s server was down and I was in multiple positions. Since my trading rules are based on similar principles it was easy to follow up on my positions using MarketClub.”

Janet C.Janet C., Carmel, Indiana

“I am a new member of MarketClub and couldn’t be more pleased. Although I’ve been an investor for more than 25 years, More

…I have never encountered such difficult market conditions. As I head into my retirement years, navigating the choppy, choppy water that we’ve been experiencing has been nerve wracking, so I’ve been looking for new tools to help me keep my head (and my retirement funds!) above water. When I back tested some of my long term investments using the Fibonnaci charts I immediately knew that I had found what I was looking for. Had I been using MarketClub charts and signals, I could have avoided many of the mistakes that I made in 2007 and 2008. Now I am moving forward with confidence, believing that I can recoup my losses and grow my investments no matter how strangely the market behaves. My favorite tools are the Fibonacci charts combined with Trade Triangles. Pure magic!”

Jeremy N.Jeremy N., Oak Lawn, Illinois

“I’ve only been a member of MarketClub for a few short weeks, and I can tell already that it’s going to pay dividends in my trading. More

My first trade alone came on futures for the US Dollar and it has already paid the membership price for one year. Though I’m glad to finally make consistent returns. I’ve always had trouble sticking with trades and following the trends, and the Trade Triangles from MarketClub help me to do just that; stick with winners, and cut losses short! It’s all about money management and taking out the emotions when it comes to trading. Furthermore, I enjoy using the Smart Scan technology where it quickly identifies trends that are already in place or about to start a new trend. It takes the leg work out at looking at every single chart, there by saving time and money. I can say I’m truly pleased with MarketClub and what it has to offer. I can tell right now, I’ll be a member for years to come.”

Jerry S.Jerry S., Saint Charles, Missouri

“Just like to let you know I really appreciate the new charts. The old ones were good, but the new ones are great. More

There are so many new, easy to use, features. The Talking Chart technology is also very interesting and helpful. Of course some of the old things have been improved, like the trendlines, and the fibonacci retracements. I also like the monthly, weekly, and daily triangle positions being on each chart along with the + or - score. Thanks for the great updated system.”

Jim B.Jim B., El Segundo, California

“I have been very a satisfied member since day 1, and am particularly impressed with the array of market tools… More

…which are provided with the membership. Just one recent example of success using my favorite market tool was purchasing True Religion Apparel based on a buy monthly triangle signal. Within one week, the stock had increased 25%, resulting in over a $2,200 gain. This easily covered my yearly membership fee.

On another matter, I had a technical issue with accessing the new enhanced charting program, and your customer service was prompt and professional with providing a solution to my problem.

I hope to be with MarketClub for many years in the future.”

Jim N.Jim N., Mukilteo, Washington

“As a member of MarketClub… I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. I use it mostly for FOREX, but now I’m going into equities.”

Jim S.Jim S., Bradenton, Florida

“MarketClub is very informative and an excellent tool for both beginners and professionals. It’s so easy to use, More

…even my wife has made money using it.”

Joe M.Joe M., Brooklyn, New York

“After so many years I have used many programs, and finally arrived MarketClub. After 2 months of using MarketClub, More

…my portfolio changed 100%. Be disciplined and it is very powerful. Thank you MarketClub.”

John R.John R., Woodbury, Minnesota

“I’ve been a member for one year now. I just renewed for my second year. This site has been of great help to me… More

…in making investment decisions during this bear market. With the primary trend down, I’ve been largely in cash but have shorted markets at various points. During bear market rallies, I have done some quick trading to take advantage of shorter-term uptrends. The Trade Triangles have helped me stay on the right side of the trade.

I really like the new charting layout. Very clean charts and there are enough technical indicators to help me with my analysis of stocks or markets.

The new audio feature on the charts is great! I also enjoy the blogs and educational videos. I really like the commentary section for a quick update on the various markets. It helps me make shorter-term investing decisions.

The membership fee is usually covered with one or two successful swing trades. I encourage anyone who is thinking of becoming a member to put down your money on a great investment and great value.”

John T.John T., Meridian, Idaho

“Since joining MarketClub in February 2009, my confidence in placing trades has greatly increased. More

The trending tool is the best I have seen and puts you on the right side of the trade in any market. My winners have greatly out-numbered my losers, and to quote an old cliche, “its like taking candy from a baby.” Trading has never been easier for me, MarketClub’s Trade Triangle Technology, coupled with their Smart Scan feature and Talking Charts instantly identifies your next picks in your price range. I especially like the daily blogs that analyze markets that are about to move. Because of my success, two of my friends have already joined MarketClub. If your considering trading in any market i.e. equities, futures, indexes, currency etc., or learning about trading, I would strongly recommend joining MarketClub for the following reasons: the price is right; success will be easier to obtain; research time is reduced, and my experience with MarketClub has been positive, profitable and less stressful. I truly believe that Market Club has your best interest at heart and wants you to succeed as a trader. In my opinion, if your doing any trading its the place to be.”

John T.John T., South Perth, Australia

“I am semi-retired person in my early 60’s. My main reason for joining MarketClub was for education… More

—originally I communicated with one of your staff to become a member of INOTV for those educational reasons which was $99 for an annual membership—then I thought to hell with it, I will join MarketClub for 3 months with your “30 day money back guarantee”—with a further intention of switching my funds to INOTV membership rather than seek a refund. The bottom line is, I have no intention of taking up the guarantee as I have learned so much from being a full member (albeit a short time) your talking chart and Trade Triangles have greatly assisted me in my paper trading learning curve and I have downloaded several videos in an endeavor to further my education. Also your five minute video briefs are most rewarding in their education and also in restraining one from becoming over enthusiastic in throwing caution to the wind. To all you people out there that wish to learn and have an open minded mentor behind them, jump onboard as this is the cheapest foresighted education platform you can receive and pace at your own leisure. Please be ensured I have thrown stacks of USD $50 /$100 at robots and training modules (without prejudice) but holy moly, most of it can be found within the MarketClub platform—as ARNIE would say JUST DO IT.”

JohnJohn, Florida

“Well, I received some emails and I was kind of ignoring them. Then one day, I opened the email and saw your movie… More

…with the stocks: Apple, Google, and Yahoo and I was pretty impressed with the presentation. So, I signed up right away and have done very well since then. Well, I’ve made 12% on HOKU and I did well with ALAN about 50% in one day. I made money on Blockbuster, Target, KingPharma and a couple of other ones. I’d recommend MarketClub to other traders. There are a number of ways you can trade it with forex and the other markets. I’m more familiar with playing the stock market, so it’s good for beginners and those who start to trade the other markets. It’s a great help, the charting is clear to read, and it’s a great tool.”

Justin B.Justin B., United Arab Emirates

“Just a quick message to say thank you for your good product and webpage. I work for a company and get paid a good salary, More

…but I was unhappy that my life was destined to be one of a slave, working 9-5 forever. I wanted to invest, but as I am new to this, I bought your product. Last week I made $11,000. I only trade gold as that is all I know. Using your Trade Triangles, I have made good money. I have set up a game plan, and I do daily, weekly, and monthly trades according to the plan. Every time I broke away from the plan, I lost money, but every time I use the plan, I have made money. I now get e-mails all the time from my gold account, saying I have just made so many dollars. When I’m sleeping, I’m making money. It’s great. Also your alerts warn me to sell if the market is going down, those of which have saved me loads of money. So I just wanted to say thank you. I made like 2 months salary in one week, and while all my friends are struggling, I’m going on holiday.”

Kathy P.Kathy P., Minnesota

“I didn’t join MarketClub right away. I watched for almost a year before deciding to invest in a membership. More

I watched what the Trade Triangles did during that time with my own securities. They were 100% accurate in predicting market movement. So I joined and now use the Trade Triangles and the other tools that MarketClub provides to help me decide whether to buy or sell. I’m new to trading and investing, but having MarketClub on my side gives me the confidence I need to be successful. The main reason I came to MarketClub was to help me trade in forex. I quickly found out that forex is a very volatile market. I refused to do any trading what so ever in forex until I felt confident in my skills as a trader. MarketClub is the main force behind that confidence. I invested in a forex course that teaches a specific way to trade and that only requires 20 minutes a day. The only problem is… I have difficulty choosing the right time to enter the trade or when to leave the trade. I went back to the instructor with the problem, and he said to practice. Practice is all well and good, but if you’re doing it the wrong way, it’s counter productive. MarketClub makes the decision process easier. I value the membership so much that I will not trade without it.”

KenKen, Mississippi

“I just wanted to let you know how really pleased I am with MarketClub. I’ve been a member for a couple of years now… More

…and I can honestly say that I’ve never once regretted becoming a member. When it comes to customer support, continued education and excellent products and services there may be others equal to, but not better than MarketClub. Keep up the good work.”

Kevin, W.Kevin, W., Great Britain

“I would like to take this opportunity, to thank MarketClub’s Trade Triangle and alert system, which alerted me… More

…to the recent Cable and Dollar trade netting me £10,000 pounds within two months, Thanks again MarketClub.”

Liz B.Liz B., Great Britain

“Two weeks with Market Club and 422 pips up is good news for me! This stuff can be very addictive.”

Loic D.Loic D., Marseille, France

“I am a full time trader living in Marseille in the South of France. I have been using the portfolio quotes on for years. More

I did subscribe to MarketClub in 2008 and wish I had done it earlier. MarketClub has taken my trading to a totally different level. I am now combining the triangles with my technical analysis to get in and out of commodities markets. I have been able to become a full time trader thanks to MarketClub. I am up 150% in 2009. Before, I used to find that my trading style was allowing me to get into few trades and not enough to my liking. Now, I am trading much more. At times, I have come to think that the direction dictated by a triangle was not going to be the right one, only to find out that MarketClub and its triangle had it right!!

I wish I had subscribed much earlier to your service. Having said that, I am VERY happy to be a subscriber and will be forever. I would not want to trade without the triangle technology today.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. One of my dreams is becoming a reality thanks to your service.

Keep up the great job as you have found what is very close to being THE crystal ball of trading.”

LukeLuke, Maryland

“I don’t have a great success story yet. So far, since I’ve subscribed to MarketClub, my trades have definitely improved. More

I’m a college student so I don’t have a whole lot of capital to trade, but I’m not losing any money yet. The first two rules of trading that I learned was not to loose money; the second was to refer to the first. The videos that I have gotten so far have really helped me stay out of some bad trades and pointed me to some really good ones as well. The Trade Triangles scanning tool is one of my favorites. Finding trades doesn’t take all my time in between classes anymore. I can just sit down, click a few buttons and know exactly what trades I should be in. I really appreciate what MarketClub has done for my trading so far and I look forward to what it can do in the future. Thanks a lot.”

Manuel R.Manuel R., Miami, Florida

“I’ve been using MarketClub for several months now, and my experience has been phenomenal. After trying and choosing… More

…for some of the web-sites I’ve been using, MarketClub for me is not just different is the best.

Talking about all the services that I can find once I log in, there is plenty of things I am able to do using my tools for the traders in MarketClub. One of those tools is the Trade Triangles which gives valuable points of views on what direction the market or one of my favorite stocks is heading to. Giving an example of a good performance using the talking charts which are awesome by the way and the Trade Triangles, for me could be (QSII) Quality Sys Inc. A weekly buy signal was posted on March 10, 2009 and this stock is been moving in positive way since then for almost 50%, I believe this talks a lot of how good and comfortable I feel knowing that MarketClub is here with me to help. Thank you MarketClub.”

MarionMarion, British Columbia

“Hi, I am Marion Lucus and I’m 73 years young. I started out with $20,000 in 2000. I had traded forex in the 70s, More

…had drawn my own charts and lost more money than I made. Since joining MarketClub, my trading has turned around and I’ve made myself $7,000. I think that anyone who likes to trade and wants to make some money should trade with MarketClub because it has all the charts and is easy to use. The green arrows up and the red arrows down are very good. I’ve been with the service for two years and I am very happy with it. I didn’t make money my first year because I was learning, but I think anyone who wants to make money in the markets will do very well with it.”

Mark C.Mark C., Denver, Colorado

“Be aware that MarketClub is a very good tool and user friendly. Recent updates have improved the quality of their product. More

I would recommend it to anyone, advanced and beginner.”

Marty B.Marty B., Manchester, England

“If you want to make money, get MarketClub; it’s as simple as that. All you need to know is that it works like a treat, More

…plus Adam is amazing with his knowledge and his videos. It’s like the Nike ad says, ‘just do it.”

Michael H.Michael H., Verno Beach, Florida

“Trend-followers must, by definition, constantly search for the price action which best suits their time-frames and parameters. More

Identifying and categorizing the appropriate data, over multiple asset-classes and possibly hundreds of symbols, is no easy task. That is where MarketClub has helped me immeasurably. I can search for, identify, rank and track every single index, sector, commodity, stock, ETF, mutual fund, etc… that I care to; then use this data to weigh investment decisions for a large mix of asset allocation profiles. As a professional money-manager, with Global Asset Allocation mandates, I use MarketClub every day and have no doubt that it has helped me and my clients profit dramatically.”

Milt F.Milt F., Virginia

“When I started using the MarketClub, I checked out your signals versus the signals I generated for a few weeks. More

I used mine to verify yours… now I use yours to verify mine and the profits have been astounding.”

Nav D.Nav D., Great Britain

“Since joining MarketClub I no longer screen watch all day. The Trade Triangles allow me to wait for setups, More

…place a trade and stick with a trend until it finishes, allowing me to spend time educating myself further in the Trade School section.”

Nick W.Nick W., Newtown, Pennsylvania

“I have been a member of MarketClub for a number of years now. Each year the service has added new and exciting features. More

One feature that I look forward to the most is the ‘MarketClub Trader’s Blog Post Alert’. The wonderful pieces of good information that can be picked up there is like finding money. It seems that the Alerts are sent out one or two times a day so there is a lot of good information.

The charts are easy to use and they cover just about every stock or future contract I have ever looked for. Over the years I have tried other services that cost much more and also cost less. I have stayed with MarketClub because it is the best.

Adam Hewison because of his background as a trader with years of real life experience helps to provide insights that you will not get any where else. I have decided to trade full time at home and knowing that I have MarketClub at my side me has given me the confidence to take this step.”

Norman R.Norman R., Alberta, Canada

“I’ve been a member for a short three months and I am most impressed with what it has to offer. The site is easy to use… More

…and the lesson are priceless and I have extended my subscription for the full year because it work so well.

The new charts, smart scan for finding trades and the trade triangles to follow trends has made my trading plan easy and profitable.

Thanks for your daily input of blogs and training video’s which are much appreciated and helpful.”

Pam C.Pam C., Booneville, Mississippi

“I wished that I had this Trade Triangles all of these years. I have only been with MarketClub only a few weeks, More

…but I can clearly see that this is going to be VERY beneficial for me.”

Patti, Wisconsin

“Hi, I wanted you to know that I really like the MarketClub for several reasons. One of my favorite reasons is the emails; More

…the MarketClub daily report you get in your email. It will let you know exactly what’s gong on with the stock, equities and currencies that you possibly trade. And, that’s one of my favorite parts of that… I don’t have to go all the way to the actual performance to see what’s going on because it comes as an immediate response to me. And within those little updates you occasionally get videos. [They] help remind you of how to trade and give examples of stock and equities that let you know what’s doing good and what’s not doing good. They don’t tell you what you should buy, but it helps give you insight on how to filter your trades and what to look for and what not to look for. I like the recent Trade Triangles because it gives you good information on what stocks are really picking up and which ones are not. Actually, it’s worked very well because I have a stock, and I’ve been waiting for a year for it to go up. And I got in when MarketClub told me to get in and now it’s doubled. I like everything about the MarketClub and you can tell all of your subscribers that it’s one of the best platforms I’ve come across. I think you guys have a great organization going on, and thank you guys.”

Pet P.Pet P., Tucson, Arizona

“I am a long-time investor; but, relatively new to short-term trading—In my extensive search for help with short-term trading, More

…I have been fascinated by your MarketClub software system and all the help that you have included.

I especially like to make use of your Trade Triangles, educational videos and extensive training materials provided for the kind of guidance short-term traders, like me, can use to become more successful at pulling the trigger on timely good trades for profit accumulation.

I particularly like the trading alerts, I requested to be emailed to me, and the exciting new talking analysis feature included on each stock’s graph (all just a click away). Keep-up the good work, and keep adding your innovative new features to your already great service.”

Peter D.Peter D., Alberta, Canada

“Thanks for the MarketClub and it’s many helpful functions. this is the first time I have ventured into thanking you for the help… More

…I receive by using your charts, blogs, alerts and analysis.

The latest charts even have vocal analysis included, which I am sure must be a first in the charting world. I like the streaming charts and Technical Studies. Stochastics is my favorite and I use it along with the Trade Triangles to add to direction of movement.

It’s the Trade Triangles which I believe have cured me of being scared to pull the trigger. In watching the triangles over a good period, I noticed they were mostly correct in pointing the direction to trade successfully, therefore gave me a more confident attitude.”

Pranav S.Pranav S., Chandler, Arizona

“This was my second trial membership which I am continuing as regular subscription. The alert service for Trade Triangles is useful… More

…it eliminates need to be in front of computer always. I can log-in as soon as I get the alert, analyze charts and if I agree with the Trade Triangle, I trade. To be very open, I have seen majority of Trade Triangle signals tradable.

Apart from the Trade Triangles, I love the chart analysis by Adam. As far as I remember, all the analysis I have seen so far have proven true. Your chart analysis was one of the biggest inspiration for me to continue trading during rough time.”

Rajbir K.Rajbir K., Reno, Nevada

“My wife and I are retired, are not active traders, and are recent members. However, I wish we had joined MarketClub before… More

…this bear market began. Being corporate employees all our lives, most of our savings are in our respective 401(k) plans which were decimated in 2008. Finally, I could not take it any longer and went to all cash in the 4th quarter of 2008.

However, Marketclub’s Trade Triangles gave me the courage to reinvest again in the beginning of April, thereby recouping some of our losses. Without MarketClub’s input, I would still be cowering in money-market funds. Going forward, I propose to give particular attention to the monthly Trade Triangles which indicate the major trend.”

Raul N.Raul N., Chicago, Illinois

“I really enjoy MarketClub; it is clear, understandable and lets me make decisions on my trading based on research… More

…already done for me. However, I always do more investigation by myself only to make sure.

The Talking Charts are great, how can you go wrong? I am not saying that a pick made by a chart will be a big money maker, however, it can prevent a huge loss; and I am talking in general; nothing is written on stones, like we all know.

I really enjoy being a member, and not having to count on those ‘taking heads’ on TV, or subscribe to those fancy, ‘make you rich subscriptions,’ which only make them rich.”

Raymond M.Raymond M., Connecticut

“I think MarketClub is a wonderful and powerful site. I love the trading tools you provide, the charting scans and all the rest, More

…but my favorite is the MarketClub analysis I get everyday.

In my list is all the stocks I am holding positions on and those that I have researched. Each morning I take that list and transfer those that are a +100, +90, -100 and -90. I retain the sheets for reference and use that information to see what is working now and what is failing to work. It has been a very successful way of deciding what to buy and when to buy it.

I also print out the actual list each day to save with my hand penned sheets…this allows me to go back and track the progress of a stock over time and reference it to the chart.

When I see a stock staying on the list I will start watching it using the Trade Triangles, Fibonacci, etc. It has proven to be quite successful.”

Renato S.Renato S., Brazil

“Congratulations on the great work you guys do on MarketClub. I started using MarketClub and after just a week… More

…I had already had enough profit, based on their Trade Triangle Technology, to pay for their service for years!”

Rey C.Rey C., Alamo, California

“The usefulness of the MarketClub service as a confirming tool along with my trading platform is beyond comparison. More

The alerts, blogs (which I read daily), etc all are fantastic, but the star of them all are the Trade Triangles, not to mention the talking charts.”

Rick H.Rick H., Owings Mills, Maryland

“I have been using MarketClub for over 3 years and I first started out entering common stocks from the Trade Triangles… More

…and trading options on them. Since I do different trading methods, I have been recently using the Trade Triangles to time my selling of futures options. I look for an uptrend of at least +75 and then look for a far out of the money call whose strike price is at least double the current futures price and then sell one or more calls and let the option expire. I have found MarketClub to be the only service that combines several methods in choosing a position into one website.”

Robert B.Robert B., Canada

“As a new member, I’ve been evaluating the system for a couple of months now. I must say that I am very pleased… More

…with the product and the membership which has already paid for itself many times over. The triangle alerts are fantastic so that you don’t have to be glued to your computer screen to watch your stocks.”

Robert B.Robert B., Coppell, Texas

“Adam keeps me posted on overall market direction as well as presenting several specific trading ideas several times a month. More

These videos are very educational and usually spot on. In addition to this, I use MarketClub to identify trading signals for options on stocks that I own. I am more of a position trader and I use daily red signals to open covered call positions on my stocks and corresponding green signals to buy back those calls or in most cases they expire worthless. Great way to generate income against your portfolio with little risk. I can usually pay back my yearly subscription in one month. Thanks MarketClub.”

Robert B.Robert B., San Diego, California

“ First, let me say how great your staff is. Very cordial, informative and friendly for sure. Direct to trading: Years ago… More

…I made a bundle in the tech boom, yet, gave it back to the market simply by not selling. Since that time I’ve studied, gone to many seminars, opened real and demo accounts, purchased IBD, Vector Vest, Optionetics, Investools and numerous others programs. They’re all good in their own right.

However, one program stands out, i.e., INO’s MarketClub. Its the first program I open to review a stock or fx pair and the last one I close. I have personally recommended it to all my trader friends and have succeeded in having more than few actually sign up. I love the simplistic view, function and analysis. Whether I am looking for an entry point in a trade or a point of reference to exit a trade I first take all the signals off, make my own decision, then confirm with the very timely and useful weekly/daily green, red arrows.

It’s important to cut to the chase. Noise is noise, who needs it? The new format is proof that no one is sleeping on the job at MarketClub headquarters. I like the scans, alerts, portfolio manager, drop down charting assists. Fundamentals, technicals are a marriage in trading. No one knows it all and no one program does it all, yet, I have said this often; ‘If I were on an island with a 10K account, satellite laptop, and could only have one trading software, it would have to be MarketClub.” I’ve said that to the few hundred people I have personally spoke to regarding the amazing value and worth of the windows into trading MarketClub allows.

So many times I’ll call to ask a question then begin asking the person if they trade and begin offering advice. Why I do this I don’t know. Guess I believe I’ve something sincere to share because of my experiences in the market both positive and negative. I’ve learned a lot. Yet, one thing is for sure, you may whine, you may cry, yet, your not getting my MarketClub from me, no way, no how. It’s Great.

I especially like Adam’s whiteboard videos. I’ve watched every one and store them, emailing them out to my trading group here in San Diego. Because of me, many here know about MarketClub. All I can say is that I think Adam Hewison is a great trader who is sincerely ‘giving back’ by creating and offering this very complete piece of trading software.

One last sharing: I am beginning to make money again, buying AND selling. Yea!

Please continue on with the good work. Can’t imagine how you could possibly improve upon the current version, yet I am sure you will. Once again, thank you Adam and staff. I could write more, yet, enough is enough.”

Roland B.Roland B., Denver, Colorado

“My use of MarketClub is based mostly on convenience. During the day, I can quickly check my portfolio… More

…and then at night using some of the tools, including the Trade Triangles to make decisions for the next day’s trading. Since starting this system, I caught the 2008 market plunge early and have since found my profits up about 40% from what I had been showing before using the evening trade tools.”

Ron L.Ron L., Fort Smith, Arkansas

“I have been buying stocks for over 20 years, but now thanks to the technology in MarketClub I am making money TRADING stocks. More

There is a whole world of awareness that is available to even the beginner that can help you make educated trades like a pro. If I would have had this advantage 20 years ago, I would be trading on an island, now I am well on my way. Thanks to MarketClub for bringing me to the inside.”

Ron R.Ron R., Lake Wylie, South Carolina

“I’m up in this economy. That’s it.

Ronald A.Ronald A., Netherlands

“So far MarketClub has helped me enormous in my trading, especially my trading in Gold and Silver which has been very profitable. More

The new features with easy trend lines and Fibonacci function make it even easier to go with the flow. I also hope you will continue the educational videos. Great work.”

Ronald H.Ronald H., California

“I was so pleased to be given the opportunity to tell how MarketClub has changed my trading. I started following MarketClub… More

…about a year now, and I’m following the Trade Triangles with great success to say the least. I noticed that if I get a signal from the daily and enter on either a stop order or on the market open on the next day and stayed with the trade till the daily triangle signal tells me to exit the trade, most of trades have been winning trades. My profits range between $5,000 dollars (lowest month) to $13,000 dollars (best month). Also they added a new Alert feature, and it’s outstanding, giving traders a hands on alert to when a profit target or stop placement have been hit (not having to wait until end of day to find out.) In closing, I would like to say that I’m very happy to be a member of MarketClub and look forward to many years of profitable trading with Trade Triangles.”

Ross Z.Ross Z., Las Vegas, Nevada

“This tool has helped me to become more confident in my trading decisions. Personally, I look at the fundamentals… More

…of the company and then use MarketClub’s technology to guide me on good entry and exit points as well as how aggressive I may want to trade a particular position. There are a number of other technical tools that compliment the triangles which can lead to better trading decisions. MarketClub offers a lot of guidance on their site to help you become a better trader/investor.

I have been very satisfied with this service.”

Roy B.Roy B., Boise, Idaho

“First, you have to know that I am very new at trading, and my trading is for the longer term and not being a day trader. More

I started doing paper trades in January 2009 just picking companies that I had read about and just watched how they did. Next, I searched the Internet to locate companies that offered technical analysis to understand the trends and the pulse of each company. I am happy to report that Market Club is my sole engine to analyze the stock companies that I am interested in. I have been running a for real portfolio of approximately $100,000 and have made money using your technical tools. I could have made more money had I stayed with my picks instead of chickening out when some of them dipped below a 8% level cut-out; had I stayed I would have made a really really lot of money. I had purchased Citi ‘C’ at $1.10, the stock climbed up to $3.70 and then fell quite a bit. I chickened out and sold; had I stayed the stock went back up quite significantly. I stumbled with several stocks as they dipped; had I stayed these too would have been great winners. Overall, my record since early March was 24.8% return as of today with DJI up at $235.

I have watched many of the video clips, and watched and learned from the blogs that you provide insights as to how to gain further insights in using technical tools.

Overall, I would rate you services as an AA+++. I am making money and learning more as I go along with my daily tasks of watching for new stocks and watching the trends as they change.”

Sansom L.Sansom L., San Bruno, California

“I love the Alert service from the MarketClub. Since I don’t have time to go through all the daily charts for forex, More

…futures and stocks, I have set the Trade Triangle alerts for the monthly and weekly charts of all of the forex, futures and stocks that I follow. Amazingly, when the Trade Triangle signal triggers, I will automatically receive an e-mail to my iphone so that I can check the chart out for potential entry right away. This alert service really saves me a lot of time. Thanks Adam.”

Scott P.Scott P., Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you so much for your videos, they are amazing and ALWAYS on the money! Your USD/JPY video was a beauty, More

…I jumped on it at 91.8c and have ridden it to 97c and STILL GOING. It has paid for my Marketclub membership for the next 10 years.”

Sham B.Sham B., Mumbai, India

“I am a new member having joined after the new charts came online. The information available is fantastic and easy to use, More

…the learning curve is short and the customer service is commendable, informative and to the point.

The videos (the tutorials and the blog) are amongst the best I have come across.

I would recommend this site as suitable to both novice and professionals as it has something for everyone and is good value for money. Adam’s trading videos gives the impression he is talking to each one individually.

Great job and well done, Adam.”

Shelton W.Shelton W., Tennessee

“Thank you in advance for helping me to become the millionaire I always knew I could be.  Armed with MarketClub… More

…and your continued support, I am certain to be a smashing success.  I am so looking forward to the next 12 months.  (There’s not many people saying that right now, is there!!)  I just finished watching ‘The Best Kept Market Secret In The World’ for the third time today.  After viewing the video this morning, I opened a position with information from the intraday charts and things began to pop.

You see, I am a beginning trader that has ‘played’ in the markets for the past 10 years and have lost more that I care to mention.  I am a 48 year old father of two living (and stuck in) the middle class dream where there is always more month than there is money.  I have always believed that I could make money in the markets, but just recently made up my mind that it was going to happen.  I am a statistic of the job losses that are currently so widespread.  When I received my severance (I am one of the lucky ones who actually received a severance), I re-charged my stock account and committed to making it grow.  And the light bulbs are beginning to come on.  It’s almost like magic.  Once my mind was where it needed to be, I began to see things more clearly.

I am totally at the beginning of my journey, but already I see that I am beginning to round the corner.  My account balance is fairly low, but that will soon change.  I appreciate so much, your guidance and especially MarketClub as a whole for helping me to become the provider I always wanted to be.

I will write you again soon to tell you of the successes MarketClub has helped me to achieve.”

Simon S.Simon S., Queensland, Australia

“Before I started to use MarketClub I was finding it difficult to keep track of the various commodities that I am invested in… More

…via ETFs or Companies. I used to spend quite a long time analyzing the trends and that was on top of my work in fundamental analysis that feeds into both my own investment portfolio and a cluster of energy related websites that my daughter’s company owns.

Since joining MarketClub, I spend a lot less time researching as each morning I look at my Market Club email alerts and it is all laid out. If something catches my eye I log-in in and have a look at the charts, analysis, etc. Not being a proficient technical analyst I find the Trade Triangles to be good but recently the real game changer, for me, has been the audio analysis… somehow ‘hearing it’ is better than ‘seeing it.’

So far, after almost a year, I feel very comfortable with MarketClub. It has saved me from making a couple of big mistakes and it allows me to balance my advisers’ advice, the various investment newsletters I subscribe to and the general chatter that abounds.”

Steve M.Steve M., Costa Mesa, California

“I have been using MarketClub for a long time, and it is without a doubt the very best system going. More

I’ve used other similar systems, and none of them even come close to the level of excellence that MarketClub offers.

They are constantly adding features that improve their service, and all of them are very good.

The cost of using MarketClub has saved me from making costly mistakes, as well as helping me make very nice profits on many trades. It has paid for itself ten times over.

I highly recommend MarketClub for new and old traders alike.”

Terry H.Terry H., Great Britain

“I selected MarketClub, because I came to the conclusion that they were the best value for my money. I was definitely not wrong. More

Originally, I was just seeking a financial Data Download and Charting facility and then I discovered the wonder of Trade Triangles.

These are just terrific, as they determine, automatically, unemotionally and with good accuracy, your trade entry and exit points. I know for that system alone, I could have paid other companies so much more per month.

They were a super bonus to me at the time in 2007. Now, they are an essential part of my personal trading program.

Another freebie is the regular educational and potential trade alert videos that Trade Professional, Adam and his team create for the benefit of all members and these are often provided, as they happen, in real time.

A month or so ago he gave a buy alert for Akamai Tech. I don’t normally trade equities but it looked good and I bought some stock. It gained 16% in around a month even when the markets were falling. Thanks Adam, it paid for my annual subscription!

To prove the quick response point, my own subscription magazine came to the same ‘buy’ conclusion but some three weeks later than Adam. They would have got me in much later, with a lower profit return.

The sales, after sales and customer services agents are always great and all the staff seem genuinely wanting to help out each time I ask.

I could write shed loads more of positive input but I can’t afford the time away from my trading! If there are negatives I can’t remember what they were.

Anyway, as an Englishman, I can very highly and personally recommend MarketClub to anybody. It cost under a quid a day or better and you can’t even buy a half, let alone a pint for that these days can you?

Play your ‘cards’ or rather, the ‘Trade Triangles’ right and you will be kept in beer and wine for as long as you want.

Thank you MarketClub.”

Terry M.Terry M., East Bay, Nova Scotia

“I have been able to consistently beat the market with minimum risk and maximum reward since subscribing to MarketClub. More

I would not drop my subscription-as it provides the research I am not willing or competent to do. Together, I have a winning combo.”

Tommy B.Tommy B., Louisiana

“For years, I struggled with how to determine the trend. MarketClub taught me how to do that using multiple time frames. More

On top of that, MarketClub helped me to cut out many of my losing trades. Once I cut out the losing trades, keeping profits naturally followed. And, there is no other place on the internet that offers such a broad archive of continuing educational opportunities. MarketClub is one of the finest services that traders can utilize. The MarketClub people are great and they are easy to work with.”

TonyTony, Pennsylvania

“I joined MarketClub with the intention of canceling after the 30-day free trial because in one of these videos… More

…you say that you explain the method in full. I’ve been trading for 12 years and the last 6 years full time, so I figured that after I knew your method I wouldn’t need to use your site anymore. In fact, I did cancel before my 30-day trial was over (by email) and was impressed that my credit card was credited the very next day. This showed me that they had integrity. I figured that once I knew the method, which I did and it was very simple, I could use a spreadsheet to manufacture my own numbers using the monthly, weekly and daily charts. But after looking after a hundred or so stocks, it because very tedious and I was sitting there one Saturday and I was like, “this is absurd to be doing all this when I can have this emailed to me every night in an instant.” I re-subscribed again because I figured that it was well worth the live info I received here. There have been many winners of course and I’m sure everyone is probably telling you about that. But the greatest advantage I see is that it allows me to cut my losses short and let my winners run. I think most traders don’t have any problem entering a stock that they like, but the thing is, when do I sell? This is the thing that has really helped skyrocket my profits; just being able to hold onto the winners long enough to make them big winners. That’s why I would highly recommend it for anyone that’s interested in swing trading or position trading. It works just as fine in the futures markets as it does in the stock markets. I’d say go for it.”

Veteran TraderVeteran Trader, New York

“I’m not a chartist and know little about technical trading. However, MarketClub supplements for my deficiencies. More

I’m a single-market floor trader who had to adapt to electronic trading. MarketClub has helped me make the transition by teaching me to balance strategy and my own instincts. Also, as a result of being a member, I’m trading many more markets both in futures and equities. Watch those triangles.”

Vinay P.Vinay P., Great Britain

“I have been a member of MarketClub now for a few number of years. I would like to say MarketClub has been…More

…of great help in my day for day-trading. It has helped me to identify trends and got me in some great trades.

The new addition of the MarketClub charting tool is just a great kit to use in my trading. There is a great deal more information too and I love it. If I were to sum all of it in short, its just awesome.”

William B.William B., Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“At one time I was a buy and hold investor. I can’t afford that approach with retirement pending…it’s no longer acceptable… More

…to have markets move up by 50% and then down 60%. I in the process of making the big shift by active trading using Fibonacci and Eliot Wave set ups. Market Club simplifies the process substantially by identifying trades through market triangle identification and allows you to quickly set up and execute the trade. It’s like bringing the whole market to your feet.”

Adam HewisonAdam Hewison
Co-creator of MarketClub

“If you've gotten this far, and have read all of our published testimonials, then I think you have the right stuff to be successful in the markets. I look forward to welcoming you to MarketClub.”

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