MarketClub Options Reviews

These are reviews and comments from real MarketClub members.

These are reviews and comments from real members who learned the Options Blueprint created and taught by Trader Travis. Through exercises and video lessons, Travis will walk even the most beginner options trader through how to successfully find, execute and manage options trades using MarketClub.

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“In the past I had enrolled in several programs to learn trading and found that I would lose interest until I had some ‘skin’ in the program. Once I reviewed and understood the blueprint, I found it to be very conservative and logical. Also, all the investment I have made is from the profit I had made during the year and therefore I did not invest my principal funds in these investments. I have found that by using the real money, I am more disciplined, more consistent and would follow through with the program.”


“After having dabbled in options trading for two years, I am only now satisfied with my performance, thanks to your tutorials. Keep up the good work.”


“TRAVIS!!! I’ve been a member for a few years. Did well at the beginning and then life took me in a different direction. Got back into it at the beginning of this year, have followed the program exactly (based on some personal preferences), and have been crushing it! This includes the normal MC strategy, as well as the 3x strategy combined with it due to market conditions. It came at the right time. I have a real estate business and team and found myself burnt out. Now I have focus and I can’t wait to keep moving forward. Look forward to more advanced training when it’s available! Thanks for everything you do! Literally a game changer!”


“I want to say thanks for sharing your emotions more last videos, and I mean your emotions when it comes to the market. It means a lot to someone like me with 6 months’ experience to hear you say the market for the first part of the year was frustrating. At first, I would have not agreed but now I do agree that it is more emotional and mental than technical. So please, please, please realize that what you are feeling about the market is prob felt x10 by your newer students. So please share those feelings and emotions whether they be good or bad because it helps put things in perspective so much for those of us with less experience.”

Jeff H.

“First, I really appreciate your training and commitment to helping people learn and grow their trading accounts. I joined MarketClub a couple of years ago and the Options Blueprint training extra that you moderate. For some reason back then it did not click with me. But I have still been getting your YouTube videos and also still had access to all of the Options training on MarketClub including the Bonus Training.

So two Tuesdays back I watched your August Bonus Training and it really made sense to me. So I decided that since what I have been doing has not been working I should change up and actually apply what you teach. I’ve also been re-watching the basic training videos and all of the Bonus videos for this year.

The next day 8/25, I have placed the 1st of 6 trades and have listed those below. As of the close today, those trades represent just over a $1,000 gain since opening. This has been the best 8 trading days I think I’ve ever had. The market has played along nicely but having a methodology for picking stocks on the move and options with plenty of time before expiration has made all the difference. I have also started making God contributions to help grow my account and will continue to do so.”

David J.

“I went ahead and purchased the MarketClub Options subscription per your website recommendation, and started absorbing the training videos. Since I already learned the basics of options trading, I skipped the boot camp (but later went back to review), and went straight to the blueprint training, reviewing it a couple times as recommended.

The 2/10 formula was what I needed, along with the MarketClub top options screener, and to get in when the big-3 are “on fire”. Instead of paper trading, I went directly into trading with my cash account as I already felt comfortable with your methods, and my results after 12-months of trading using the blueprint + 3X growth strategy allowed me to achieve a 58% return on my portfolio.

I know I should not expect this every year, but WOW what a difference options trading can make when using the strategies taught in MarketClub Options. I have signed up for another year and look forward to watching your monthly videos, learning new strategies such as the 3X growth (great stuff!!), and reading other members’ comments. Thank you, Travis, MarketClub, and MarketClub members!!!”

Aaron W.

“You know one of the best things that I got out of your MC options training (and I mean literally the best thing!!) is your training on mindset. How as an investor we have to leave our emotions a the door when we are researching successful trades and, if we understand the blueprint well enough, to not panic when those dips occur, and TO STAY AWAY FROM THE WALL STREET NOISE ON THE NEWS!!!

I think that last point is the one you made that I took the most to heart. I’m not a millionaire (yet…) but I do believe that I am moving in that direction and feel a lot better about my trading decisions than I’ve ever had and certainly better than I did last year before I signed up for the MC service. THANK YOU AGAIN, TRAVIS! Keep up the excellent work!”

Kristopher J.

“Of all the years I’ve been trading alongside you, it’s always a great feeling, it never goes away, to see that I am in the same stocks for the template as you. This has always given me the added assurance that I’m doing it correctly. Our results can sometimes mislead us to believe we are executing the template correctly, when in actuality we may have just gotten lucky. But, when results and the fact that your trades are the same as the coach, at this point, it doesn’t matter if it’s a profitable trade because it’s validation that I know what I’m doing. Thanks, Travis.”

Peter M.

“Hello Travis, noobie here. I love what I’m seeing so far.”

Shane P.

“Overall, (sic) up $992 on long call option trades (sure beats what the bank would give me). Before signing up for your options service, I had no experience trading options or even what they were. I learned a great deal from you. I also learned a ton with real $ on the line vs. paper trading. I would tend to stay on the sidelines if any of the major indices are <80 TAS rather than employ the Power stock strategy. When QQQ (bought 11/19) and TECL (11/22) were purchased,the market and these indexes were doing well. Things went south in a hurry, used the 50% loss rule to get out way before expiration. Thank you for all you do for us – its much appreciated.”


“Thank you for passing on your knowledge and experiences.”

Nick H.

“You taught us the concept of G-D contributions. Add your own money to your accounts, and you’ll watch them grow. Now for some people watching this, you may have been skeptical, like I was. My first thought was “of course if you add your own money, you can watch your account grow, you’re adding your own money!!” Then I did what Travis told us to do. Add money to the account… I have two accounts open. One a Roth-IRA and the other a regular trading account. I added monthly to my Roth IRA, which maxes out at $6k per year. That account is currently up 20% this year.”


“Thanks for answering my questions and reinforcing keeping the invested amounts the same, or close to the same, at all times. I totally agree that developing the proper habits is crucial for success in anything you do. I will keep to similar invested amounts for both paper and live trading. Thanks for keeping all of us on the path to success.”


“I’ve closed out three trades with over 100% returns. I also had a few debit spreads close out as well. Not quite 100% but I’ll take what I can get. I can see why you don’t prefer debit spreads over outright options. Had they not been debit spreads they would have been pretty close to a 100% return too. Not bad for the month of January with the market as a whole tanking and all. Can’t wait to see how the market takes the potential rate hikes later this year. Appreciate the time you put into this!”


“I have learned so much from your training and am really enjoying how you have taken something complex and broken it down into something simple that anyone can understand.”

Kelly H.

“In my excitement, I placed trades last night (after I said I wouldn’t). In my (usual) obsession, I watched my trading platform all day. To my horror, the first half of the day was red ACROSS THE BOARD. To my absolute delight, I ended the day up $258…NET! Whoo-hoo! (Secretly and equal parts glad and sad this is just my paper account… lol.”

Technicals say to stay the course, got 29 days left and haven’t hit my plus 25% or more gain, so onwards!”

Torri F.

“I have really enjoyed the videos. I think it is great that you did the investing championship. It’s obvious that most people out there that sell stuff actually can’t make money in the trading world. I said a long time ago that I would not put any money toward anything unless they could prove that they could make money over at least a year. That is not easy to prove. There are so many ways that these types of people can fake it. My guess is that almost all them are fakes. But, this investing championship does actually prove that you can make money over a year. Impressive!”


“I’ve appreciated your focus on learning how to believe the right things about wealth (and life more generally!).”


“I have learned more practical information, point-blank, and in your no-nonsense style, than anywhere else. Am I impressed or what? Most helpful are the questions input at the ends of the lessons. Great format. I am finally getting it. My sincere thanks and appreciation.”

Ronald P.

“Thank you for this program and the continued knowledge you share. I have been trading actively since October 2019 and the money I have invested into options trading is up 18.8% overall! I spend the first couple weeks of this market crash making just $2,000 in puts! Since then, I have taken a backseat approach trying to keep a lot of money in cash on hand…”

Doug W.

“Hello to Travis and everyone reading. I just wanted to say thank you for having this information available. This is what I needed to get in the game. I read all of Travis’ information in 3 days and was ready to spread my wings. I made roughly 4,500 on my third transaction. I also lost roughly 1,000. I was not seeing these type of results prior to reading the information provided. Again, I just want to say this information is helpful and it works…”


“I love the training so far and the Marketclub software and look forward to your bonus training…”

David S.

“First off, I’d like to say that I love your teaching style. Very easy to follow and not intimidating. You make me feel like I can do this! Secondly, I wanted to share my last trades with you because I’m so excited about them.”


“Love your work mate.”

Bill G.

“Hi everybody, I joined about a month ago but I’ve gone through the training a few times and today I made my 1st 3 paper trades: VZ, GS, TRV. All stocks trending strongly with market. I’m excited to be on this journey and to learn from Travis.”


“Hi Mr. Travis, I am fairly new to option trading. Thank you so very much for creating the Options Blueprint.”

William B.

“I am very appreciative of your training style and believe that your heart is in trying to help others learn.”

Robert C.

“I’m very new to options & trading in general. Learning a lot! Thanks much.”

Daryle F.

“I’m a business owner and have been investing in different asset classes for the past 10 years and built a few income streams successfully.

I am here looking to learn how to build another income stream to diversify my portfolio going forward. Your way of teaching is straightforward and it saves me a lot of time. Thanks a lot!”


“Hello, Travis! Happy to be in the tribe! The training is easy to understand and repetition of going through the training and paper trading are rebuilding my hopes to be a trader.”

David K.

“I really enjoy your presentation technique and information presented in an easy to understand format.”

Jerome R.

“First, I’ll say that I’m loving the content! I joined a couple of weeks ago after encountering your free material and am very excited about the opportunities you and MarketClub are sharing.”

Nathan D.

“Hi, Travis. Just stopped by to say hello and to say I’m loving learning how to trade options with yourself.”


“Hello, Travis. Thank you for all the instruction.”

Tim C.

“I’m very impressed with the quality material and delivery so far, and look forward to joining in on discussions soon and helping to make a positive contribution.”

Antonio T.

“Your analogies are very cute. 🙂 I’m new to Options Trading, and while researching online, came across your website and found your teaching style and voice very approachable yet effective.”

Sylvia S.

“Travis, I just want to thank you for opening my eyes. My next goal for the next 12 months (7/17-7/18) is to reach weekly profit of $1,000.”

Herman H.

“Thank you so much for the video. That was perfect and what I was looking for. I saw one of my big mistakes and that was not being able to identify the resistance/support areas.”

Hogan B.

“Hi, Travis! I’m so excited to be here. 🙂 I’ve watched ALL the videos and I really enjoy listening to your thought process while making trades along with the easy way you explain your system.”

Sherri F.

“That is a great point about learning from mistakes. I love that outlook and attitude. I am currently going through the videos and readings, and I am very excited! I plan on starting paper trading by the beginning of next week. Once I get practice, it’s onto the big leagues… real money! Thanks again!”

Steve L.

“Great, great video training. Really hit home: “What puts people out of business? Making money or losing money!! I’m committing that to the memory bank 🙂 Great work.”

Scott V.

“Hi Travis, I am a practical landscaper who learns by doing. I have had no experience in trading but willing to learn through your options, I am so glad I came across you through my research in the last 3 months. I understand everything you say and your plan.”

Mike E.

“Hi Travis… first off thank you so much for the very in detail explanation of options trading. As I am a complete newbie it was all a bit too overwhelming for me (didn’t see the forest through the trees and lots of scam sites!) until I found your site.”

Janneke L.

“I wanted to let you know how much I really appreciate your advice and teachings. I’ve made quite a bit of cash since taking your training and I thank you.”


“I have had no experience in trading, but willing to learn through you. I am so glad that I came across you through my research in the last 3 months. I understand everything that you say and your plan.”


“New to this whole thing. Love the videos. Travis, you obviously have been gifted as a teacher and a giver. Thank you for being faithful.”


“Thanks a lot! I found your video message very inspiring and I think it sharpened my senses for recognizing my real threats.”

Robert H.

“Travis, I am glad that I found your lessons really helpful that I started to have more confidence in buying options. I just made a profit of 50% (realized) on one trade and I am on another one for 50-60% which I am hanging on to because I still have 60 days to expiry. Thanks for the simplicity of your presentations that beginner traders would easily understand.”

Rita S.

“I wanted to let you know how much I really appreciate your advice and teachings. I’ve made quite a bit of cash since taking your training and I thank you again!”


“I just started MarketClub on Feb 27th, purchased the options course with Travis. I already had 3 sides of a foundation built but Travis and MarketClub gave me a boost. I must admit, I did go out of Travis’s guidelines a bit and jumped into BAC 21 April calls. Put down 1700.00 Tuesday at open and closed today Wednesday morning for a gain of 742.00. Could I have made more? Probably, but I did follow Travis’s advice, taking a nice profit and start to build that portfolio. Thanks, Travis and MarketClub!”

James T.

“My first 15 minutes after joining and after watching the Boot Camp Basics video, I feel at ease already and hope to do well in the course.”

Dave B.

“Absolutely great material, everything is building upon itself. Thanks for putting this together!”


“I’ve taken various training courses on options and this is by far the best. Your lessons are no longer than 12 minutes (I called them “chunk-sized lessons”… good info without overwhelming the student).”


“You could not become a soldier without going through ‘basic training’!”


“Thank you so much for the personal video message. The encouragement was great.”

Karla H.

“Hi, Travis, I’m new to MarketClub and so far I’ve found your instruction to be very helpful. I wish I had subscribed years ago!”

Cathy G.

“I am a beginner and these lessons are helping me a lot. Thank you and I look forward to a rewarding future in options trading!”

Elijah A.

“You are an awesome instructor and believe in making things simple to understand. Thanks for sharing all of your hard-learned mistakes/lessons via your educational videos.”

Ash G.

“Thanks for the encouragement and I did just that. Bought an out of the money AAPL put this morning as the stock has a strong downtrend score of 100, plus technical indicators like MACD, RSI, slow stochastic, and SMA (8 and 23) are all pointing down. I’m up 23.56% in less than two hours! Now it’s time to follow the plan.”

Joel R.

“I am so excited I came across your training. I’ve been paper trading using the 10 min strategy, and I am very pleased with the results. So pleased that I am ready to trade with REAL money. I got a 55% ROI on just one trade!”

Retta W.

“I joined MarketClub a couple months ago. I have been viewing your videos for over a month and going through each Option Blueprint section, Bootcamp, How Not To Trade videos over and over until I fully understand it. I want you to know that you have done a remarkable job in these videos explaining everything and making it easy for people like me who have never bought/sold stocks and options to understand.”

Al L.

I’ve had great results using your blueprint. I’ve used it in ETF sector option using TT. ETF sectors are a great way to use options leverage to buy at a discount. The blueprint has worked good in the internet portfolio… Options can be very rewarding if you wait for the right trade and don’t force it. I risked ~ $10,000. In less than 2 hours the position was worth ~ $20,000. I closed half to protect capital. Using today’s high and low for an example, the remaining position I’m riding for free was worth between $2,700-$30,600 today!

Clint H.

Thank you so much for helping us. Your mentoring is fantastic. I am hooked. This is going to be FUN!

Tom B.

Travis, thanks for all your input. I bought a call option on TJX (monthly) gained 200%. Thanks. God bless.

Joseph N.

Very nice! I enjoyed the course, thank you!

Rasik P.

Hey everyone. New to options, have traded forex for a few years. Really impressed with the scope of this program!

Rob D.

Wow! I bought an Oct 35 call for NHTC for 5.0 and it is now 11.15. Looks like I have doubled my investment.

Gary T.

Thanks for your efforts. Having taken a few courses, I was shocked to find that yours is one of if not the best one yet. And at a fraction of the cost! And, it does not waste time on filler. I give you high marks and while I am on that, your staff is sterling everyone has been very helpful and interested in my success.

Ellis B.

I just exit 2 of my 3 positions this morning.

TGT @ 3.30 – 37% profit FB @ 4.65 – 44% profit (30mins after I sold, it went up to 4.95 as bid price which = over 50% profit) UA – aiming for 40% profit

Reason: I’m new to this, just happy to take profit, change my exiting strategy 50% to 40% (which I shouldn’t do during this round of trade, should of wait for next round to make any amendments.)

3 things I’ve learned from this round: – Should trade with the ITM or slightly OTM range, but not too far out. As I did for UA – strike @ 90 – Bid & Ask price should not be too far out . As it appears in UA – Don’t EXIT based on emotion. Trust the BLUEPRINT

Again, thanks, Travis. I’ve learned a lot from your trading options strategy.

Tristan L.

“WOW!!! As I said previously I have been trading for many years and already knew I could earn between 1 to 3% a month for 10 months of the year using “buying stocks and then selling a nearby higher option, usually within a month”! The average time in a trade was anywhere from a few days to 4 to 6 weeks… so 10%+ was so attainable consistently, and I was totally happy.

NOW: Even with the experience I have, I have started to “paper trade” to prove the Blueprint concept for myself.

From June 23 there were only 6 stocks that met the 90/100 initial requirement.

Here are the 5 with corresponding option selected and premium paid. (paper wise)

Stock Option Strike Prem. Sell on 6/26 +/- PSX NOV 80 4.50 3.00 – 1.50 AGCO NOV 50 4.90 7.10 + 2.20 ESRX NOV 90 5.40 6.30 +.90 LEN NOV 47 4.30 6.00 + 1.70 FL NOV 62.50 4.90 6.20 + 1.30 VRTX NOV 130. 5.50 10.50 + 5.00

Total invested = $2950. Total +/- = + 9.60 x 100 = $960 or 32.5%

Now even if you take out the VRTX (luck on a Merger offer) it is + 4.60 x 100 = $460 or 15.6%

Unbelievable! That is a return better than the average S&P 500 for a whole year!!!

It probably is unrealistic to think that you can do this in every trade as there may be times when the trend turns on you. However, thinking conservatively, let’s say you can only get 5% each month for only 10 months due to vacations, holidays, being on the sideline, etc. that equates to a 50% return for the year!!!

Bonus: Many do not know the Mathematic rule of 72. It basically tells you how long it takes your money to double at a defined rate of return. Example: 10% (72 / 10 = 7.2 years for your money to double) Your bank paying 1% = 72 years to double!!! Dividends @ 2.5% = 28.8 years to double, etc.

So if we can learn and follow this system AND only get 5% a month for 10 months your money will double in 1.44 years!

What a BLESSING! I get it! Color me SOLD!

Richard M.

“Followed the blueprint and bought 2 PANW SEP2015 175 calls at 7.45. Sold them today on a 50% profit trigger at 11.25. Bagged a $750+ profit in a week or so. I could probably ride PANW much higher, but why get greedy?

Scott L.

“I’m really impressed on how Travis is presenting this material. He making it simple, practical and loaded with great information. A very nice way of bringing a complicated subject down to earth. I’m impressed.”

Harry H.

“From what I’ve learned so far, Travis devotes time to talk about how to use MarketClub with options. I’m so glad I signed up for the course. I’ve picked up a few basic rules that I’ve broken and costed me time and money. I’d recommend taking the course.”


“Viewed the course and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!”

Bernie C.

“Travis, thank you for providing the strategy blueprint. I am looking forward to applying when the trends are right.”

Chuck C.

“I read about those of you that are interested and those that are already clients and want to become clients. But those of you that are not sure, look at both services independently and you will see that combining them is a great idea. I have been doing it for over a year. Adam would not be recommending you to Trader Travis and Trader Travis would not be recommending you to MarketClub if it was not a good fit. As the professionals that both Adam and Trader Travis are they have already done the homework for you. This delivers and does it for way less than anyone out there.”


“Thanks a ton for the inspiration! I think patience is a true virtue that most of us need to improve in all aspects of our lives. I’ve already learned so much from your lessons – keep up the good work!”

Peter K.

“Cannot wait for the market to improve to put your blueprint to the test. So far I really like what I see.”

Russ H.

“I am also a student of Trader Travis. This man truly cares about your success and provides excellent training and support. He teaches you to fish instead of giving you a fish. As many have said, you should check him out if you’re interested in options.”


“Hi Travis, you rock!”

Tom O.

“I’m not selling this course for Travis he hasn’t asked me to shout his praise, but I’m going too! – I’ve done this course and its amazing. So much I could say but in the end it’s really worth checking out.”


“Joined and viewed all of the information presented. Travis is very passionate about his intent.”


“I am a former student of Travis, and I am so glad that I took the chance to learn from him. Prior to meeting Travis I had no idea about how, and what stock options were, and the financial power they represent. Travis truly cares about his students, their well being, and most of all their financial success. I have been trading options for a few years now and have not looked back. I cannot thank Travis enough for putting me on the road to financial success, and for introducing me to MarketClub.”


“As a student of Travis’ I will say this is INVALUABLE. Jump on this.”


“Congrats Travis. Good Luck! I was referred to MC from one of Travis courses. Great teacher! very good lessons.”


“I have been a student of Travis’ for 3 years! He is an amazing teacher, coach, options trader, and most of all person. He truly cares about people and their success. If you follow his teaching to the letter, you can’t lose. He changed my life forever…If you want to learn about Options Trading, he’s your guy – period!”


“If you want to learn the true method of options trading with a mentor and coach, Trader Travis will accomplish that. Not only does he have experience and knowledge, he has wisdom about building a trader’s character. Something all traders need but don’t develop. Hope your growing family is doing well, Travis.”


“He is really good at what he teaches.”


“Hi there, Travis is in a class of his own. I have been swindled by many. I got his course as a promotional thing at a very low price, lol, it changed my life forever. I wonder if I would ever want to trade any other thing except they are options. Keep it up Trader Travis, thank you for setting us free.”


“Travis is really helping me to understand options.”


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