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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our 20th Birthday!, the creator of MarketClub, turns 20 this month and this is the best time to become a new MarketClub Member. We’ve cut our standard membership rates by 20%! You’ll pay $8.95 upfront for your 30-day trial membership. You may cancel at any point within your trial period and your membership will be removed immediately. The trial fee is non-refundable. If you do not cancel within your 30-day trial period, your account will be charged the membership plan that you select below. This membership fee will auto-renew at the special rate for the first 12 months of your full subscription. Contact us to upgrade or cancel.
For the first 30 days, MarketClub is only $8.95. After this trial period, you will be added as a full MarketClub Member. This 20th Birthday Promotion cuts our standard membership rates (listed below) by 20%. MarketClub’s standard membership rates are as follows: Annual (12 Month) Membership - $449. Quarterly (3 Month) Membership - $150. Monthly (1 Month) Membership $59.
You may cancel at any point within your trial period and your membership will be removed immediately. You can call 1-800-538-7424 or email us at to cancel your service. Once canceled, you will receive an immediate confirmation email and your credit card will never be charged again.

If you are outside of your trial period and in a regular paying membership, you may cancel and we will set your membership to expire prior to your next billing cycle. Once canceled you will receive an immediate confirmation email with your membership expiration date.
MarketClub tools and strategies can be used in many different ways to accommodate a number of trading styles. MarketClub carries data for over 320,000 symbols including stocks, futures, futures options, forex, precious metals, ETFs and mutual funds.
No, MarketClub is not a brokerage service. MarketClub’s unbiased research tools are often used to supplement the resources offered by broker services and financial advisors.
Founded by Adam Hewison and David Maher, provides free charts, quotes and news to millions of traders worldwide. MarketClub is’s premium analysis service.