About MarketClub

MarketClub’s online trading tools that have been designed to do one thing… help members find positions based on sound mathematical probabilities and NOT on whims and guesses.

This service is not a “get-rich-quick” program, but instead, encourages educated trading decisions based on market-proven solutions.

Learn more about MarketClub’s tools and please contact us with any questions or to begin a trial.

Trade Triangles

See how MarketClub’s Trade Triangle entry and exit signals work for short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term trading styles.

Smart Scan

Discover MarketClub’s scanning technology and learn how to filter results to give yourself a customized starting point for finding new markets to trade.

Portfolio Manager

Use the Portfolio Manager to organize your holdings and watch lists all in one place.


MarketClub’s charting package allows you to combine the Trade Triangles with additional technical chart studies and indicators to analyze any symbol.

Email Alerts

Learn how to set up Email Alerts so you don’t miss any changes in your portfolio.

Trade School

Get access to trading education from well-known market professionals.

Data Central

Do you need end-of-day data for your trading program? See what formats are available to download with your MarketClub membership.

Top Markets

The shortcut Top Markets lists can make a great starting point for finding new trades. See how the lists are created using MarketClub’s technology.

Members Blog

This Members-only Blog provides additional educational resources, plus a private place for members to interact with other members and the MarketClub support team.

Customer Support

Contact the Support Team with any questions you have.