These Markets Are Trending Right Now

Most Popular Stocks

We see a spike in searches when certain stocks, ETFs, or futures markets are trending. This interesting and telling information can hint to where the smart money is moving and/or where volume will jump.

We’re giving you a sneak peek at MarketClub’s most popular symbol searches, their trend rating, and Trade Triangle signals.

Stock Symbol Last Price Rating Trade Triangles
Heat Biologics, Inc. HTBX $0.49 +60 +70 Trade Triangles
Lianluo Smart Ltd LLIT $0.65 -100 Red Trade Triangles
Microsoft Corp. MSFT $143.35 +90 Green Trade Triangles, Inc. AMZN $1759.77 -55
Cool Holdings, Inc. AWSM $0.33 -90 Red Trade Triangles
Cisco Systems, Inc. CSCO $47.09 -80 Red Trade Triangles
Chevron Corp. CVX $118.44 +60 +70 Trade Triangles
Pfizer, Inc. PFE $38.54 +70 +70 Trade Triangles
Apple, Inc. AAPL $244.18 +90 Green Trade Triangles
Adobe, Inc. ADBE $272.06 +65

The Smart Scan rating helps members identify both trend strength and direction while the Trade Triangles spot entry and exit opportunities based on market movement.

While these are the most popular markets right now, it doesn’t mean they are in strong trends or have the technical backing to break out or break apart.

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